Nikolaus conference 2017

Speaker: Madeleine Whybrow (London)

Title: Constructing Majorana Representations


Majorana theory is an axiomatic framework in which to study objects related to the Monster group and its 196,884 dimensional representation, the Griess algebra. The theory was first developed in 2009 and was inspired by results by mathematicians such as M. Miyamoto and S. Sakuma who studied the Griess algebra using vertex operator algbras, objects used in the proof of Monstrous moonshine. The objects at the centre of the theory are known as Majorana algebras and can be studied either in their own right, or as Majorana representations of certain groups. I will be discussing my work, which builds on that of A. Seress, developing an algorithm in GAP to construct the Majorana representations of a given group. This work is joint with M. Pfeiffer.

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