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Database of S-unit groups
Database: S-Unit Groups of Orders

Indefinite quaternion algebras over the rationals

In this table you can find MAGMA-readable files (simply download and use the "load"-command) containing our results for the S-unit group of a maximal order in the quaternion algebra defined by i^2=a, j^2=b, realized in the 2-by-2 matrix ring over the real quadratic field Q(alpha), where alpha is always a square root of b. The file contains elements I and J corresponding to i and j respectively, a basis BB of the maximal order, a finitely presented group G, a list Gens corresponding to the generators of the S-unit group and finally a list CenterGens of elements of G corresponding to the generators of the center of the S-unit group.

The algebras are ordered by their discriminants.

a b Ramified primes S Files
2 3 2, 3 {5} Link
{7} Link
{11} Link
{5, 7} Link
{5, 11} Link
{7, 11} Link
{5, 7, 11} Link
-2 35 5, 7 {2} Link
{3} Link
{11} Link
{2, 3} Link
{2 11} Link
{3, 11} Link
{2, 3, 11} Link