GAP package ACE

Authors: Greg Gamble, Alexander Hulpke, George Havas, Colin Ramsay
Needs: GAP in version at least 4.4
Operating systems: UNIX/Linux (to compile C program) or Cygwin under Windows
Current version: 5.1
Previous released version: 5.0 (requires GAP 4.4)
Contact: Greg.Gamble at
Download: See below for archives in several formats.


The ACE package provides both an interactive and non-interactive interface with the Todd-Coxeter coset enumeration functions of the ACE (Advanced Coset Enumerator) C program.


Detailed installation instructions are contained in the package README file.

Online Documentation

Here is the documentation of the ACE package in several output formats. If you have installed the package as described above you can also access all of these documents from the GAP online help.

Here is the (standalone) documentation of the ace C program.

Package Archives for Download

The current version is the last version for GAP 4.4. The next version has a manual compatible with the new GAP 4.5 manuals.

There is no urgency to upgrade from the previous version of ACE (version 5.0). There are changes that make compilation more robust (thanks to Max Horn), and cosmetic changes regarding author addresses.

Users who have not yet upgraded from GAP 4.3 must continue to use ACE 4.1.

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