The MeatAxe - Computing with Modular Representations.

This is the home page of the MeatAxe at Lehrstuhl D für Mathematik, RWTH Aachen, Germany.


The MeatAxe is a set of programs for working with matrix representations over finite fields. Permutation representations are supported to some extent, too.

Major Features

If you consider using the MeatAxe for your research projects, the following points may help to decide if the MeatAxe is suitable for your needs: For more information, the documentation is available here in DVI or Postscript format. These documents are no longer up-to-date, please use the HTML documentation.


From the MeatAxe download page you can download the current and older version of the MeatAxe. Note: All files are source code packages.

Links to other web sites

Matrix representations of finite simple groups in MeatAxe format and more interesting stuff can be found at the ATLAS of Finite Group Representations.
Michael Ringe (, 17-Dec-98