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Lehrstuhl D für Mathematik
RWTH Aachen
Pontdriesch 14/16
D-52062 Aachen

Secretariat: Désirée Burkel, Helene Goblet
Room: 108
Phone: +49-241-8094542
Fax: +49-241-8092108
E-Mail: MatheD at Math.RWTH-Aachen.De

People at LDfM

The names contain links to personal pages, if available.

The rooms are in the building Pontdriesch 14/16, first floor.

The phone numbers in the following table are the internal numbers of the university. To call from outside dial +49-241-80-XXXXX with XXXXX as given below.

Append Math.RWTH-Aachen.De to the e-mail addresses given below.

Name Room phone e-mail
Thomas Breuer10194536 Thomas.Breuer@
Dr. Thomas Gerber 106 94550 gerber@
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Hiß 102 94543 Gerhard.Hiss@
Johannes Hoffmann 111 94546 Johannes.Hoffmann@
Priv. Doz. Dr. Markus Kirschmer 110 94554 Markus.Kirschmer@
Dr. Matthias Klupsch 104 94551 Matthias.Klupsch at RWTH-Aachen.De
Dr. Anja Korporal 112 94632 Anja.Korporal at RWTH-Aachen.De
Priv. Doz. Dr. Viktor Levandovskyy 201 97555 Viktor.Levandovskyy@
Dr. Frank Lübeck 105 94549 Frank.Luebeck@
Prof. Dr. Gabriele Nebe 117 94545 Gabriele.Nebe@
Christoph Schönnenbeck 109 94547 christoph.schoennenbeck at RWTH-Aachen.De
Prof. Dr. Eva Zerz 116 94544 Eva.Zerz@

Contact to people no longer at LDfM

The following people are working in other universities.

The following people are no longer working in universities.

Links to old pages

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