How to cite CHEVIE

Unfortunately there is no common way for citing a software package. In the case of CHEVIE you can use a reference to the following article, which contains an overview of the system and examples for using it:

M. Geck, G. Hiss, F. Lübeck, G. Malle, and G. Pfeiffer. CHEVIE -- A system for computing and processing generic character tables for finite groups of Lie type, Weyl groups and Hecke algebras. Appl. Algebra Engrg. Comm. Comput., 7 (1996), pages 175-210.

Here is the reference in BibTeX format and in a LaTeX \bibitem format.

Additional information about the development version of CHEVIE can be found in this article:

J. Michel. The development version of the CHEVIE package of GAP3. J. Alg., 435 (2015), pages 308-336. (Preprint)

If you have used CHEVIE for some work we would like to hear about it (for example by sending an e-mail to any of the authors or by sending a preprint).

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