Final Program
of the Nikolaus mini-conference 1998 on
Aspects of Representation and Group Theory
(Lehrstuhl D für Mathematik, RWTH Aachen)

If not mentioned otherwise talks were given in the seminar room 221 in the ``Sammelbau'', Templergraben 64, second floor.

Friday, 4th December 1998
2.04-2.33pm Bettina Eick (Kassel): On groups of automorphisms of soluble residually finite groups (Hauptgebäude, room 224)
2.39-3.14pm Alexander Hulpke (St. Andrews): Towards computing maximal subgroups (Hauptgebäude, room 224)
  coffee and discussion
4.31-4.56pm Gabor Ivanyos (Budapest): Fast randomized algorithms for computing the radical of matrix algebras
5.15-5.46pm Kay Magaard (Detroit): The Guralnick-Thompson conjecture on groups of bounded genus
$\sim$6.55pm-??1) Research Cambridge Style! (in the ``Labyrinth'')

Saturday, 5th December 1998

10.02-10.35am Christine Bessenrodt (Magdeburg): On products of characters of the double covers of the symmetric group
10.41-11.15am David Bessis (Paris): Regular elements in braid groups
11.22-11.55am Peter P. Palfy (Budapest): On the character degree graph of solvable groups
  lunch break
2.02-2.46pm Karel Dekimpe (Kortrijk): Almost-Bieberbach groups: cohomology, construction and classification
3.02-3.31pm Wolfgang Kimmerle (Stuttgart): Normalizer problem in integral group rings
3.40-4.06pm Anne Henke (Oxford): Some Combinatorics of the Symmetric Group
  coffee break
4.50-5.16pm Frank Röhr (Aachen): Brauer trees for the Rudvalis group in characteristic 13 and 29
5.32-6.02pm Rob Wilson (Birmingham): A new construction of the Baby Monster
$\sim$7.15pm-??1) Research Cambridge Style! (in the ``Labyrinth'')

Anyone was welcome to attend the talks.
Frank Lübeck

1) Come next year to find out yourself

Frank Lübeck
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