Final Program Final Program
Nikolaus Conference 2000
Darstellungstheorie-Tage 2000

(Lehrstuhl D für Mathematik, RWTH Aachen)

Thursday, December 7, 2000
2.01-2.32pm Thomas Breuer (Aachen): Computing Character Tables in the 21st Century (R220)
2.40-3.10pm Wolfgang Lempken (Essen): Linear Groups with a Special Class of Fixed Point Free Elements (R220)
coffee and discussion
4.30-5.06pm Marcos Soriano (Stuttgart): A Theorem on Extension Groups of Specht Modules for Type A Hecke Orders (Be225)
5.10-5.39pm Jean Michel (Paris): Symmetric Braids (Be225)
7.00pm-?1 Research Cambridge Style! (Dinner in ``Agora'', Greek kitchen)

Friday, December 8, 2000 (morning talks in EA, afternoon talks AS, except 3.15pm)
10.05-10.35amLacri Iancu (Lyon): Markov Traces and Generic Degrees in Type Bn
10.40-11.03amJoachim Simon (Stuttgart): On a New Proof of Tits' Deformation Theorem
11.18-11.54amGunter Malle (Kassel): Irreducibility of Symmetric and Alternating Squares
lunch break
2.15-2.47pmMartin Hertweck (Stuttgart): Units of p-Power Order in Principal Blocks of p-Constrained Groups
coffee break (Graduiertenkolleg)
3.15-4.15pmMeinolf Geck (Lyon): An Application of GAP to Algebraic Groups over Finite Fields (talk in the `Graduiertenkolleg' seminar, Hörsaal IV)
4.51-5.20pmSungsoon Kim (Paris): On the Blocks of the Cyclotomic Hecke Algebras of the Complex Reflection Group G(d,1,r)
5.31-6.08pmFrank Lübeck (Aachen): Small Degree Representations of Finite Chevalley Groups in Defining Characteristic
7.00pm-?1 Research Cambridge Style! (in the ``Labyrinth'')

Saturday, December 9, 2000    (all talks in AS)
10.03-10.32amHarald Weber (Stuttgart): Structure of the Integral Group Ring for a Series of p-Groups
10.40-11.10amBettina Eick (Kassel): The Orbit-Stabilizer Problem for Polycyclic Groups
11.20-11.45amStefan Kohl (Stuttgart): Number of Orbits of Simple Groups under Automorphisms
lunch break
2.02-2.30pmBurkhard Kuelshammer (Jena): Blocks with Abelian Defect Groups
2.40-3.18pmGötz Pfeiffer (Galway): Implementing Character Tables of Reflection Groups
3.24-3.55pmRob Wilson (Birmingham): New Computations in the Monster
coffee, discussion, ¼ - open end

Anyone was welcome to attend the talks.
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