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Final Program
(Lehrstuhl D für Mathematik, RWTH Aachen)
All talks were given in the lecture room AS, Templergraben 64 (basement of the same building as Lehrstuhl D).
Friday, December 6, 2002
2.01-2.21pm Dane Flannery (Galway): Listing Finite Linear Groups of Small Degree
2.25-2.44pm Alexander Konovalov (Zaporozhye): Calculations in Group Algebras Using the GAP Package LAG 3.0
coffee and discussion        (from 3.15-4.15pm there were a talk in the ''Graduiertenkolleg'' by Bettina Eick with title Constructing the Groups of Order at Most 2000 )
4.31-4.54pm Meinolf Geck (Lyon): Computing Kazhdan-Lusztig Cells
5.00-5.25pm Lacrimioara Iancu (Lyon): Kazhdan-Lusztig Cells in Type Bn with Unequal Parameters
5.40-6.05pm Jörg Feldvoss (Hamburg): On Groups and Associated Lie Algebras
7.00pm-(censored) Research Cambridge Style! (in the EXIL, Schloßstraße 2)
Saturday, December 7, 2002
10.01-10.26amStefan Kohl (Stuttgart): Classifying Finite Simple Groups with at Most 17 Orbits Under Automorphisms (1)
10.30-10.46amHarm Pralle (Braunschweig): Affine Dual Polar Spaces
11.00-11.24amGunter Malle (Kassel): Realizing G2(q) as Galois Group Over Fq[t] (1)
11.30-11.50amGabriele Nebe (Ulm): Codes and Invariant Theory
lunch break
2.11-2.33pmBjörn Aßmann (Braunschweig): Computing presentations for soluble subgroups of GL(n,Z)
2.40-2.59pmJon Thackray (Cambridge): Computing Orthogonal Group Signs (HTML-version of the talk)
3.11-3.32pmCsaba Schneider (Perth/Braunschweig): Permutation Groups and Cartesian Decompositions
coffee break
4.30-4.54pmHui-Xiang Chen (Aachen): Tensor Products of Irreducible Representations of Space Groups
5.00-5.19pmJürgen Klüners (Kassel): Computing Braid Group Actions
5.30-5.50pmRichard Barraclough (Birmingham): Conjugacy Class Representatives For The Monster Group
7.00pm-(censored) Research Cambridge Style! (in the ``Labyrinth'')
Anyone was welcome to attend the talks.
  Frank Lübeck
(1) these speakers had won extra 5 minutes by solving the conference puzzle!                            Final version ( Mon Dec 9 16:17:25 CET 2002 )

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