Frank Lübeck   

Origin of Conway polynomials

The Conway polynomials on these pages are contributed by various people. Each polynomial is marked by some initials which are explained here:

original list by Richard Parker (from 1980's)
computed with the GAP function by Thomas Breuer, just checks conditions starting from 'smallest' polynomial
computed by a parallelized program by Frank Lübeck, computes minimal polynomial of all compatible elements (since 2001)
computed by Kate Minola with a parallelized program for p=2, considering minimal polynomials of all compatible elements (since 2004)
computed by Richard Parker (in 2004)
computed by John Bray with Magma, using similar algorithm as in GAP, and using minimal polynomials of consistent elements, depending on the case (in 2005)
computed with GAP, note that for some time a wrong polynomial for p = 3, n = 21, was distributed in some systems and some lists

Of course, some of the polynomials were certainly also computed by other people. Tell me, if you think I should attribute a polynomial to some other person.

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