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Toganji: Daibutsu mit Elefanten. Aus einem Reisetipp: Togan-ji Temple Located in the peaceful temple grounds is a unique Daibutsu that has ten elephants (7 male and 3 female elephants), deer and peacocks around its base. The 10 meter tall statue was started in 1980 and completed in 1998. If you look carefully you will see that the eyes, mouth, ears, nose and Byakugo, (the dot above and between the eyebrows) are painted in gold! This is said to bring attention to the five senses. If you wander through the temple grounds you will also come across a large copy of one of the statue's hands. Inside the main hall there is a 1 meter large wooden bell shaped drum called mokugyo, which is used in chanting. Made from a one hundred year old camphor tree, it is said that one can erase past misdeeds by touching the wooden bell!

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