Modular Atlas - Partial Character Tables Page

This is a list of partial character tables for the modular ATLAS.

Group Prime Status Investigator(s)
Th 3 14 irreducibles known, 2 missing G. Hiß and Jürgen Müller partial table (GAP readable)
5 33 irreducibles known, 8 missing Jon Carlson, G. Hiß, Jürgen Müller, and Felix Noeske partial table (GAP readable)
7 30 irreducibles known, 14 missing G. Hiß partial table (GAP readable)
Co1 5 7 irreducibles for G, 9 more for 2.G missing Sabine Hensing, G. Hiß, and Felix Noeske partial table (GAP readable)

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This list last updated on June 15, 2011 by J.M.