MeatAxe  2.4
Programs for working with modular representations
Compiling and Linking with the MeatAxe Library

To use the MeatAxe library in your programs you need two files:

The library file. This file is generated during the compilation of the MeatAxe.
The header file for all MeatAxe library functions. This file is part of the distribution.

You must include the header file in your program by putting the line

#include "meataxe.h"

somewhere at the top of your program. If meataxe.h resides in the same directory as your program the compiler will find it there. Otherwise you must specify a complete path in the include statement or specify the directory on the command line, for example:

cc -c -I/usr/joe/mtx/src -o myprog.o myprog.c

Having compiled your program you must link it with the MeatAxe library. Here is an example:

*msg{cc -o myprog myprog.o libmtx.a}

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