MeatAxe  2.4
Programs for working with modular representations
soc - Socle Series

Command Line

soc Options [-l MaxLength] Module 
Standard options, see Standard Command Line Options
-l MaxLength
Maximum number of layers to compute.
Module name.

Input Files

Constituent information.
NameCf.std.1, NameCf.std.2, ...
Generators on the irreducible constituents.
Spin-up script for the standard basis.
Uncondense matrix

Output Files

Socle information, see description.
A basis reflecting the Loewy structure.


This program determines the Loewy structure of a module by calculating the socles. Before using the program, you must run chop and pwkond with the "-t" option. For example,

chop m11
pwkond -t m11
soc m11

For each layer of the socle series, the program prints the dimension and the multiplicities of the irreducible constituents in this layer. This information is also written to the cfinfo file. The following example shows the relevant portion of the cfinfo file:

CFInfo.NSocles := 5;
CFInfo.Socles := [[1,0,0],[0,1,1],[2,0,0],[0,1,1],[1,0,0]];

The numbers in CFInfo.socles are the multiplicities of the irreducible constituents for each layer of the socle series.

Using the "-l" option, you can specify a maximum length. After MaxLength socles have been calculated, the program prints a warning and stops.

A basis basis reflecting the Loewy structure of the module is written to Name.soc. Note: soc always writes a basis of the full space. If the socle series is not calculated completely because the maximum length has been reached, the partial basis found so far is extended with random vectors to form a complete basis.

Implementation Details

This program uses an algorithm by Magdolna Szöke, see [Sz98].

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