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The Computer User Family (CUF) is concerned about the health problem
associated with computers. Video Display Terminals, emit UV and ELF
radiation and may cause cancer, immune system irregularities, miscarriages
and eye fatigue.
Computer noise from fans, disk and CD drives is also becoming a source of
anxiety, stress and general discomfort . We usually don't realize how loud
our computers are: 50dB and more.
These problems should be dealt with and add-ons should be provided for
present computers to avoid putting us at risks. Some safe screens and quiet
power supplies are coming out but they are marginal and prices are
Meanwhile the general guidelines for the users are:
1. Position yourself approximately 22 inches to 28 inches (arm's length) from
the screen and four feet from the sides and rear of other terminals.
2. Eliminate sources of glare and lower light levels in the room. Don't sit
facing a bright window. If necessary, use screen hoods, glare shields over
the screen or wear anti-UV/anti-glare glasses.
3. Put a noise absorbing mat under your computer. Pull your computer away
from the wall or any hard surface that reflects noise and vibration back to
4. Rest occasionally during periods of intense concentration. Closing your
eyes helps.
5. Turn off the VDT when not in use.

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