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My name is Jiri Fridrich and I am the champon of Czechoslovakia from 1982.
I won the championship with time 23.55. When I was at my best, I was able
to solve the cube in 17 seconds on average (average from 10 consecutive
runs). Even today, after all those years, I can solve the cube in 20
seconds on average. I am using about 150 different algorithms and need 60
moves on average.

Just for the record: The 1983 champion of Czechoslovakia, Robert Pergl,
won with 17.04. There must be *many* guys out there who can solve the cube
consistently below 20 sec :-)


On Thu, 6 Jun 1996, Rob Hochberg wrote:

I've heard about some pretty fast people who've claimed to
have averages in the low 20's, but I haven't seen them perform.

My buddy from high school, Scott Evans, now living in Austin,
averages about 25 seconds these days. He's the fastest active
cubist I've seen in the last 10 years. I'm at about 28 seconds.

Anyone else?

Rob hochberg@dimacs.rutgers.edu

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