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Richard Snyder's book on Square-1 is now being published. He sent me the
following press release about a forthcoming Square-1 Puzzle Party:

Square-1 is the most challenging puzzle since Rubik's Cube! When you turn
it, it forms many unfamiliar shapes, and it seems impossible to get it back
to the cube shape! And if you do somehow manage to turn it into a cube,
it is scrambled and needs to be solved Rubik-style.
It's really two puzzles in one! Harder than Rubik's, it's so hard that
only 5 people in the whole world have ever been able to come up with a
complete solution to it!
Richard Snyder of Dracut is the only person in the USA who has written a
book which shows how to solve Square-1!
His book is clear and easy to follow, leading you step by step from any
scrambled state to the completely solved cube! Then he gives formulas
for over 100 colored patterns which you can make on Square-1's
symmetrical shapes, and teaches you how to make your own symmetrical
patterns! There's no other book quite like it in the world!

Richard will be presenting his new book, Turn to Square-1, to Boston in a
great puzzle party, which will be held at 1PM on Sat., Aug. 7, 1993, at
The Games People Play, 1105 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA (near
Harvard Square)
Richard will demonstrate solving Square-1, making Square-1 patterns, and he
will also demonstrate solving Rubik's Cube, the Skewb, and other cube puzzles.
He will be autographing copies of his new book, and presenting many other
fine puzzles and books that are carried by The Games People Play.
The Press and the Media will be there, and you are invited to come.
Bring your Square-1, your Rubik's Cube, and your other Rubik's puzzles that
you haven't been able to solve! Richard will solve them, and show you his
solution to Rubik's Cube, the world's best, fastest, and most concise Rubik's
Cube solution!
But most of all, be prepared to be astounded as Richard shows you how you
too can Turn to Square-1!

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