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~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: "Cubism For Fun" Rumor. (and Dinosaur cube info)

(Note: The second half of this message lists a place to purchase
Rubiks Dinosaur Cube)

Can anyone confirm or refute this rumor?
If true, can enough information be provided to allow ordering?
I heard this rumor last night (or was it this morning :) at a puzzle party.

The Nederlands Kubus Club (NKS, Dutch Cubists Club) has been receiving
a lot of orders for reprints of their newsleter "Cubism For Fun" (CFF).
Because of this, they are going to do a massive (1 time?) reprint of all
of the newsletters, but only enough to fill orders received by September 1.

Where do I send my order?
How much for a full set of reprints? (#1 through current)
How much for a full set of the selected English translations from
the early issues?
How much additional would shipping and handling be (to U.S.A.)?
What shipping service will be used? (in the U.S., only the U.S. Mail
is allowed to deliver to Post Office Boxes)
What are the current membership fees and info?
What is the official name of the Dutch currency? (so I can tell the bank
what to turn my dollars into.)
Is there any person/address that email inquiries could be sent to?
(in case the one below is no longer valid)

Background (from Cube-Lovers archives):
The first 12 issues of CFF were in Dutch, thereafter in English.
Selected older articles may be available in English translations.
CFF issue number 35 was published in December 1994. <dik@cwi.nl>
At that time, Dik reported that one of the editors was

Rubiks Dinosaur Cube:
While searching old Cube-Lovers mail to see if any information had been
posted about the above, I noticed that <ronnie@cisco.com> asked where
the Rubiks Dinosaur Cube might be purchased. I did not see any answers
posted. I just bought one of these last week. I got it from
36 W. Colorado Bl. (actually in a side alley)
Pasadena, CA
I believe the price is $13.99. Before posting this, I confirmed that they
will take phone orders.
If you order one, I suggest you have them test it first. Make sure all
8 corners turn when in the initial position. The first one I got had 2
pieces stuck together which I could not free up. I had to return it.

For those who don't know what this puzzle is...
It is a cube. All 8 corners turn, rotating 3 edge pieces at a time.
There are 12 visible pieces which are the edges of the cube.
Each face has cuts accross it which look like an "X". In the solved
position, each face is a solid color.
The name Dinosaur seems to mean nothing, except that there are extra
Dinosaur decorations on the box. (Can you say Jurassic Park?)

Chris Worrell
ccw@eql.caltech.edu (current)
ccw@alumni.caltech.edu (permenant)

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