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~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: [YEKTA: "Pentominoes"...]

Date: 24 November 1982 19:57-EST
From: Yekta Gursel <YEKTA>
To: ALAN, CSD.Tajnai at SU-SCORE
Re: "Pentominoes"...

GABRIEL toy company markets a nice set of pentominoes under the name
"HEXED". They are the makers of the puzzles "Hi-Q" and "PYTHAGORAS". The
latter is a nice set of "tangrams" if you are interested in them. You should
be able to get any of these in any well stocked toy store ( like Toys 'R Us ).
If you are interested in getting solutions for them, me ( Yekta Gursel ) and
a friend of mine ( Douglas Macdonald ) wrote a program on a microcomputer to
solve any pentomino problem. The description of the program appeared in
November 1979 issue of BYTE. It is written for a COMMODORE PET, but can be
adopted toi any microcomputer relatively easily. If you do not have access to
a microcomputer we can print the solutions out for you just for the cost of
paper and postage ( a few dollars ). If you are interested please let me
know. My network address is YEKTA@MIT-MC.

[ ALAN: If anybody asks about pentominoes, you can refer them to me... Thanks!]

Date: 25 November 1982 05:12-EST
From: Yekta Gursel <YEKTA>
Re: Addition to my pentominoes message...

Sorry, I accidentally sent the pentominoes message to you instead of the

What I wanted to add is that one can also get a set of hexaminoes, though
this is a little bit harder. They are marketed in England under the name
"Spear's Multipuzzle". The set comes with a few extra pieces, but nevertheless
contains a full set of hexaminoes. The quality is not as good as Gabriel's

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