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~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: Orange County Mensa?

Many of you are probably wondering why you are getting mail about a Mensa
meeting in Orange County. It's because some pinheaded loser with only half
a brain thought it would be a good idea to add the entire Cube-Lovers
mailing list to the "PuzzleParty@cytex.com" mailing list. I have sent a
vigorous complaint to the culprits and to their postmaster.

- Alan
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From: Dean Inada <dmi@questrel.com>
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 1995 22:09:55 -0700
To: chris@questrel.questrel.com, mitacas@cytex.com, PuzzleParty@cytex.com
Subject: (Fwd) This weekend: the 1995 OC Mensa Annual Regional Gathering
This weekend: the 1995 OC Mensa Annual Regional Gathering
Reply-To: mbparker@cytex.com

[Posted for OC Mensa member Marti L. Hitchcock; please respond to her. If
you're interested in the local Mensa, this may be a good event to check out.
Over 200 are preregistered already, and they're expecting 100 to 200 more at
the door.]


``The M Files''
Noon Friday July 28 til 6pm Sunday, July 30, 1995
 Friday, July 28
  1100-  Registration opens, Hospitality opens, Construction Workshop
  1200-  New Agent Orientation, Classical Musicale
  1300-  ``Common Problems'', Arts & Crafts (cont), ``What you Know May
         Not be So''
  1500-  ``Magic & Parapsychology'', ``Astrology'', ``Corazon Project''
  1600-  ``UFO lecture, ``An Artist's Perspective'', Psychic lecture
  1700-  ``The FBI Today''
  1800-  Pot luck dinner, Arts & Crafts, Classical Musicale
  1900-  ``Nattering'' by Larry Niven, ``Handwriting Analysis''
  2000-  Space Station Omicron Beta I featuring UFAUX along with psychic
         readings, Sci-fi movies
  2000-	 Rock dance.
Saturday, July 29
 0900-2400      [About 70% more events than Friday]

Sunday,   July 30
 0900-1800      [About 20% more events than Friday]

Saturday & Sunday On-Going
Experience the ride of a life-time in David M. Mitchell's lunar
teleoperations module (VIRTUAL REALITY)

WHERE: At the Days Inn, 1500 South Raymond Ave., Fullerton (north of the 91
fwy), CA. Call 714-635-9000 and mention OC Mensa for the discount
rate of $54/night.

COST:	AT THE DOOR REG. (after 7/15/95)
                 ADULT CHILD
FRI, SAT, SUN    $55   $28
FRI, SUN         $25   $13
SAT, SUN         $35   $18
	Chuck La Mont, 655 S.  Rosalind Dr., Orange, CA 92669-5124.
	Also Marti L. Hitchcock, 714-750-4333, mlhitch@cytex.com

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