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~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: Puzzlers Club resurrected? & Administrivia

Date: 18 Sep 85 15:35:09 PDT (Wednesday)
From: Hoffman.es@Xerox.ARPA
Subject: Puzzlers Club resurrected?
To: Cube-Lovers@MIT-MC.ARPA
cc: Hoffman.es@Xerox.ARPA

This came Tuesday (spelling and grammar as you see it). See my comments
at the end.

Dear Sirs,

It has come to my attention that apparently quite a lot
of the puzzles we sent to Puzzlers Club members were not
received by them. Upon careful investigation of this matter,
it now appears that they were confiscated by the Customs who
must have thought at the time that they were Taiwan copies.
As we did send the goods and paid the Airmail postage and
then had so many claims to send the goods a second and third
time, the Puzzlers Club suffered a very big loss and
consequently had to closed down.

Due to the suppressed Puzzle market, we are not producing new
Puzzles at this time. However, we will be releasing later this
year the "I.Q. DIE" which is the Skewb with Die markings, and a
Game called 'King/Ace'. It is the Pyraminx without the 4 apexes,
decorated in the 4 Card Suits, the Game is similar to Back-Jack.
The "I.Q. DIE" and 'King/Ace' including instructions are now
available to Ex-Puzzlers Club members and collectors at US$25
each including registered Airmail postage.

Also a few 5 x 5 cubes and Regular Skewbs, Timber finished
Pyraminx and Immposi-ball are still available as per price list
below, including registered Airmail postage. A copy of the
registered receipt will be sent by separate airmail. Stocks,
however are limited, as there will be no additional production
for several years at least.

Please let me know if you wish some of the above items. I do
apologize if you were one of the unfortunate ones who were
affected by the customs action.

However if you would like to send us your new order with payment,
I personally guarantee that you will get the goods this time.
(The customs have been notified that we are the legal copyright

Once again my apologizes for any inconvenience caused.

With warm regards,

Mr Uwe Meffert

Descriptions Item No. Unit Price

5 x 5 x 5 cube		CE8426		US$25/Air
Skewb			CE8431		US$15/Air
Pyraminx		CE8423-24	US$20/Air
Timber finished Pyraminx		US$20/Air
Impossi-Ball		CE8429		US$29/Air
3D Nought's + Crosses	CE8434		US$ 9/Air

*All plus US$1 for registered mail.

Please rush me with Item No...............Amount:...............

Excellente Commercial Bldg., (Fifteenth Floor)
456 Jaffe Road
Hong Kong.
Postal Address: P.O. Box 31008 Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
Tel.: 5-8939944
Telex: 75600 REF HX


It was accompanied by one color page (sloppily torn out of a brochure)
containing pictures of the puzzles.

Well, I'm one of those who got burned, though I never was a member of
the Puzzlers Club. In January 1983, I sent Meffert a Cashier's Check
for a Skewb. I followed up by letter late that Spring. In Summer '83,
I paid for and received very promptly a 5x5x5 cube from him. In January
1984, I wrote a second letter about the missing Skewb. I never got the
Skewb nor any replies to my letters until this arrived! So now it's all
the (U.S.) government's fault. Hmph. (Maybe I should attend those
occasional Customs sales I've heard about!)

I'm just a Skewb-hungry sucker, for I'm going to try again. But I'm not
very reassured by his "personal guarantee". What good will that do me?
The man doesn't even answer his mail. Oh, well. Order at your own

--Rodney Hoffman


Date: Wed, 18 Sep 85 21:38:00 EDT
From: Alan Bawden <ALAN@MIT-MC.ARPA>
Subject: Administrivia

Several years ago, when Cubes were a big rage, the great volume of mail
sent to this mailing list forced us into making it into a digest. For most
of the last few years the list has been fairly low-volume, nevertheless I
have refrained from converting the list back to direct-distribution because
some of the messages sent directly to Cube-Lovers were really add-me
requests. Now I find that I am experiencing a new phenomena: There is a
growing tendency for people to address replies to messages I forward to
Cube-Lovers to -me-, rather than to the original sender. This is a bit of
a pain for me, so as of right now, I am converting Cube-Lovers back to

Let me take this opportunity to remind you of two bits of administrative

1. Please continue to send all administrative requests (like if you want
to get off of the list) to Cube-Lovers-Request@MIT-MC.

2. Old cube-lovers mail is archived in the following places:

MC:ALAN;CUBE MAIL0 ;oldest mail in forward order
MC:ALAN;CUBE MAIL1 ;next oldest mail in forward order
MC:ALAN;CUBE MAIL2 ;more of same
MC:ALAN;CUBE MAIL3 ;still more of same
MC:ALAN;CUBE MAIL ;recent mail in reverse order

Files can be FTP'd from MIT-MC without an account.


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