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[next] [prev] [up] From: Alan Bawden <ALAN@AI.AI.MIT.EDU >
~~~ [prev] [up] Subject: The Archive & Administrivia

Those of you who look through the archives of old Cube-Lovers mail will
notice that I have split off a new section of the archive. The mail now
lives on MIT-AI in the files:

AI:ALAN;CUBE MAIL0 ;oldest mail in forward order
AI:ALAN;CUBE MAIL1 ;next oldest mail in forward order
AI:ALAN;CUBE MAIL2 ;more of same
AI:ALAN;CUBE MAIL3 ;still more of same
AI:ALAN;CUBE MAIL4 ;yet more
AI:ALAN;CUBE MAIL5 ;more still
AI:ALAN;CUBE MAIL ;recent mail in reverse order

As always files can be FTP'd from MIT-AI without an account. (And yes, the
spaces in those filenames are a significant part of our filename syntax.)

While I have everyone's attention let me remind you all that last year
Cube-Lovers moved from its original home on MIT-MC to MIT-AI. Our new
addresses are Cube-Lovers@AI.AI.MIT.EDU for submissions and
Cube-Lovers-Request@AI.AI.MIT.EDU for administrivia.

If you have occasion to send mail to Cube-Lovers, you will generally find
that a fair number of copies of your message will be returned to you by
various mailers around the world for various reasons. This is always a
problem with old, and fairly quiet mailing lists. If you would like to be
helpful, you can collect these errors and forward them to
Cube-Lovers-Request (I will eventually flush anyone who is consistently
unreachable), but under no condition should you forward the error message
to Cube-Lovers itself. Thank you.


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