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~~~ [prev] [up] Subject: The Higher Crosses
Date:     17 July 1980 2228-edt
From:     Bernard S. Greenberg	 <Greenberg at MIT-Multics>


The Higher Crosses are fascinating insofar as they appear to be
very simple edge-cube hacks, but are in fact quite "far"
from home; the CP being exactly twice as "hairy" (far)
as the CC (discovered by ALAN) is in itself a source of

I wish I could really say something was "exactly twice as far" from
home as something else. Unfortunately, as I complained before, the
metric by which one measures the distance of one configuration from
another is not well enough understood to be able to make claims like
this. It might well be that the CP is less than twice as far as the
CC, all we can really be sure is that it is not any further than that.

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