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Date: Wed, 5 Jun 1996 09:30:21 +0100
From: VANESSA PARADIS WANTS ME <cmaggs@glam.ac.uk>

To have a bit more challange when doing the cube, complete it so that each
horizontal slice, is 1 turn (quarter of a full circle) out of place.
Therefore, top and bottom face are one colour, but all side faces contain 3

I'm not sure I understand this modified goal. Isn't this achieved by
solving the cube aas usual, and then giving the top and bottom faces a
clockwise quarter twist? Then the top and bottom are solid, and the
sides are tricolor horizantal stripes.

Even if I haven't understood the goal position, solving for any
achievable position is not in principle harder than solving for any
other. There might be perceptual problems, but surely these would go
away after a little practice, no matter what the goal configuration.


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