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The blue-covered book that Paul (pm@harvard.HARVARD.EDU) refers to is
probably David Singmaster's pamphlet Notes_on_Rubik's_'Magic_Cube'. It
is 60 pages long, and includes sections on the basic mathematical
problem, some of the simple subgroups, pretty patterns, algorithms to
restore the cube in the shortest number of moves. It lists many
processes for flipping and rotating edges and corners.

If the book is still in print, it is available from

Enslow Publishers
Bloy St. and Ramsey Ave.
Hillside, New Jersey 07205     (USA)
-- ISBN 0-89490-043-9


David Singmaster & Co.
66 Mount View Road
London N4 4JR     (UK)
-- ISBN 0-907395-00-7

Andy Behrens


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