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Hello my name is Raphael Beffa

I am a mew user on the web. I am really happy to realise that peaple
on the cube have a space to talk about on the net.

I spent manny hours to develop different prototypes:
An 5^3 cube in 1981 a symetrical one 2^3 cube in 1981 and one more
5^3 cube 1983.
I realised a simple simulator on my PC for a 3^3 cube . One
is a classical isometrical perspective , I realised an other representation
I called
a "Planicube" view (6 faces on the same view).

Is somebody intersted on cube rotating on the summit (4 axes) insted of
rotating on the face (3 axes the original one).
Or even rotating on the face and on the summit (7 axes).
Maybe those prototypes allready exist. Please let me now.

Is anybody able to give me the solution of the Masterball.

I am happy to meet new frends, Reguards Raphael

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