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>Hello my name is Raphael Beffa
> I am a mew user on the web. I am really happy to realise that peaple
>interested on the cube have a space to talk about on the net.
> I spent manny hours to develop different prototypes:
>An 5^3 cube in 1981 a symetrical one 2^3 cube in 1981 and one more
>sophisticated 5^3 cube 1983.
> I realised a simple simulator on my PC for a 3^3 cube . One
>representation is a classical perspective , I realised an other
representation I called a "Planicube" view (6 faces on the same view).
> Is somebody intersted on cube rotating on the summit (4 axes) insted of
>rotating on the face (3 axes the original one).
> Or even rotating on the face and on the summit (7 axes).
> Maybe those prototypes allready exist. Please let me now.
> Is anybody able to give me the solution of the Masterball.
> I am happy to meet new frends, Reguards Raphael

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