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Ishi Press International is now directly accessable via e-mail:
our on-line InterNet address is 'ishius@ishius.com' and for
European customers it's 'ishi@cix.compulink.co.uk'.

Ishi Press International sells a wide variety of puzzles from
simple glass, wood and metal puzzles, to collector's items.
Our line consists of several hundred puzzles, including:
Toyo Puzzle City Glass, Hikimi Puzzland Wood and Cast Iron puzzles by Nob
Arjeu wood puzzles from France
Wood, string and wire disentanglement puzzles by Jean-Claude Constantin
Magic Bottle puzzles
Handcrafted English Puzzles, including handblown glass Klein bottles,
Single and Double Hourglass Paradoxes, and Wooden Trench Puzzles
Wooden puzzles by Bill Cutler and Stuart Coffin
Puzzle books by Slocum and Nob
Yamanaka Kumiki Works wooden burr puzzles
Traditional inlaid wood Trick Puzzle Boxes by Okiyama and Ninomiya
Yamanaka Kumiki Works wooden burr puzzles
Kamei puzzle boxes, including the Top Box, Die Box, Book, Cup and
Saucer and the Fan
Bolt puzzles by Strijbos
Puzzling People Puzzles, wooden 3-D jigsaw puzzles from England,
including the Flummox
Wire Puzzle Sculptures by Rick Irby, including a 3' Dragon,
The Hong Kong Horror and puzzle earrings

and more. Our puzzle line is always increasing: this summer we will be
carrying wood puzzles from Pentangle.

To receive our puzzle catalog with color photographs, please e-mail your
real mailing address to 'ishius@ishius.com'.

To receive regular e-mail on our latest offerings, e-mail us at

Please be sure to put the word PUZZLE in the subject header, as many of
our customers are interested in GO, not puzzles.

Please write me if you have any questions.

Anton Dovydaitis	Ishi Press International
ishius@ishius.com	76 Bonaventura Drive
Tel: 800/859-2086	San Jose, CA  95134
FAX: 408/944-9110

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