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~~~ ~~~ [up] From: Bob Walker <Bob.Walker@CMU-10A >
~~~ ~~~ [up] Subject: Snake: **SPOILER**

I am new to the list, and in reading the archives, I found that
the transform for my favorite pattern was listed incorrectly.
Specifically, I refer to the Don Woods' message of 6 January which
listed transforms for the Snake, Worm, and Baseball (I think).
Anyway, the transform listed for the Snake was incorrect. What is
listed IS a pretty pattern, merely the wrong one. The blurb about
how to "hack" your way to the Snake, however, is correct. The
proper transform to achieve the snake (from Singmaster) is:

* * * S P O I L E R * * *
Snake:     B R L' D' R R D R' L B' R R + U B B U' D R R D'

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