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At 9:39 PM 5/1/96, Dale Newfield wrote:
For those who aren't aware of the problem that Dale mentions, the issue is
that --unlike the odd-order cubes that have a central piece which can be
used to anchor its neighbors-- the structural integrity of the RR depends
on a central (internal) plate held in place by a screw whose adjustment is
quite critical. Of the four RRs that I own, one is very good. Of the
others, two are so tight as to be almost impossible to turn. The fourth is
so loose that it simply cannot be made to stay together (I discovered this
for the first time as I was sitting in a movie theater playing with my new
toy; as the lights lowered for the movie to start I felt the sickening
sensation of a cube slowly dissolving in my hands...).

Another problem is that the center pieces are held in place by a foot
with a rather thin "leg". My RR died three days after I finally worked
out a solution. One of the center pieces lost its foot, and the rest
of the cube simply dissolved.

I'll have to look to see how much of the cube I can still collect
together. Hopefully, I'd be able to donate a central ball in good
shape, plus perhaps up to 55 pieces (if I can find them all). Or I'd
be willing to accept the pieces I'm missing to resurect my RR.
Buddha Buck bmbuck@acsu.buffalo.edu
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