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[next] [prev] [up] From: Carl J Raymond <raymond@cps.msu.edu >
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If anyone is interested, I wrote a program for examining the cycle
structure of various move sequences on Rubik's cube. It's got
a lex and yacc front end, which let you enter moves using the
UDLRFB notation. You give it a move sequence, and it will give
you the permutation in cycle notation, taking edge flips and
corner twists into account. For example, you can say
(R'D2R B'U2B)2
which is a corner twister, and it will tell you that the urf corner
is twisted clockwise, and the dlb corner is twisted clockwise. YOu
can also give names to sequences, and refer to the sequence by its
name. You can save and load named sequences from a file.

The code is pretty quick-and-dirty, but I'll email the source to
anyone who is interested. I wrote it on a PC with Microsoft C 5.1, and
flex and bison, but it should work fine under Unix.

Carl Raymond

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