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I called and ordered things from this store in California, and just
recieved things over the past two days.

THE 5X5X5 CUBE!!!!!!!!

(I just started the 5X5X5 about 2 hours ago, and already have all but a
few on the bottom. I think it will be MUCH easier than the 4X4X4. It
comes with instructs on how to open it, and I took it apart to look.
THIS DESIGN IS IMPRESSIVE! You can make some REALLY neat patterns with
the 5x5x5.)

5x5x5 from:
Dr. Christoph Bandelow
Haarholzer Str. 13
4620 Bochum 1

Write (Dr. Bandelow) for a free mail order catalog with many twisting
puzzles and books about these puzzles.

The new Rubik's things:

Rubik's Dice:
Rubik's Dice, unlike any other dice, has nothing to do with luck. It
has spots whose color can be changed from white to red and from red to
white. Rbik's Dice in fact, is a hollow cube with which has 7 plates
inside it. The plates are white with red dots on them. The plates are
loose but adhere to the inner sides of the cube. By shaking and turning
the cube, the postition and orientation of the plates can be changed and
this in turn alters the color of the spots of the dice.
Object: Re-arrange the plates within the cube in such a way that the
dice has white and only white spots. If red is shown anywhere on the
dice even through the small controll holes -- the puzzle is not
complete. The number of possible combinations is 7! x 4^7=82,575,360.
There is however, ony one correct solution.

Rubik's Tangle:
Rubik's Tngle has 25 square tiles each tile has the very same pattern
of ropes, but the color of the ropes varies.
Object: Lay down the tiles into a 5X5 square in such a way that each
colored rop forms it's own continuous line.
24! x 4^24 = 1746 x 10^38 ( I have a feeling it should be 25!, not 24!)
2 correct solutions.

4 different tangle puzzles.
each worrks by itself (differently) and together they form a 10X10 grid
that also works

Rubik's Triamid
Dumb, and i'm tired, so I won't explain. I'm disappointed in this one,
don't buy it.

Rubik's 15:
2 puzzles: one side is a magic square
the other side is a fifteen puzzle
but the mechanisms that manouver pieces are SICK!
both can't be solved at once.

Sorry, I started typing in the sheet that explained them all, but i'm
falling asleep, so I just finished by explaining them a little.

Dale Newfield


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