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[next] ~~~ [up] Subject: Tangle (Was: Re: Square-1 Puzzle Party)

Excerpts from mail: 6-Aug-93 Re: Square-1 Puzzle Party by Chris
>>Bring your Square-1, your Rubik's Cube, and your other Rubik's puzzles that
>>you haven't been able to solve!
>Sorry, I don't have any. Except the 10x10 Rubik's Tangle.

I only have one quarter of that puzzle...(section 4).

I worked on it for a considerable amount of time, and concluded that the only
solution method was trial and error.

So I wrote a program to do it for me.
I know all 16 solutions (2 unique)*(2 identical exchanged pieces)*(4

Has anyone come up with a method, besides trial and error, that solves
this thing? (or the 10x10?)
(hmmm--I wonder how much the other 3 would cost?)

-Dale Newfield

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