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~~~ [prev] [up] Subject: Re: building a Rubik's Revenge

OK--how's this for a suggestion: Since the goal of this project is to
"spread the wealth," let's say that anybody that donates any 4x4x4 parts
and has no other 4x4x4 cube should get one in return, but otherwise, all
reconstructed cubes should go to people that currently have none. As
well, any excess pieces when we're done can be distributed along with the
cubes (and back to the original donators), so that future catastrophes may
be fixed (a corner, three edges, and three centers, for example). Rather
than continue this discussion on the mailing list, unless there actually
is anything of general interest in this, I'd suggest we do this through
personal mail from now on.

So, send me mail regarding what pieces you have been able to dig up and
stating if you have another 4by cube, or send me mail saying that you've
been looking for a 4by, and since they seem unavailable elsewhere, would
like one of these reconstructed ones.

To further save me some typing, I'll include my snail-mail address below,
to which people that have pieces can send them.

If mail costs turn out to be non-trivial, we could probably ask those
recieving cubes to pitch in to cover these costs--so I'll try to mark
down the postage on each package that I recieve, in order to keep a record.


BTW--I found and put together what I have last night--an entire cube
except for one broken center piece, and one broken corner piece--this one
should be easily resurrected! (And I have other 4x4x4's so this one is due
for distribution :-)

Dale Newfield
1805 Inglewood Dr. #23A
Charlottesville, VA 22901-2708

(No, this barcode is not necessary, but I figured this would be a good
place to ask: "Has anyone figured out what information is encoded in
this, or how it is encoded?" :-)

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