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Date: 6 August 1980 16:52 edt
From: Greenberg.Multics at MIT-Multics
Subject: Re: 'cube lovers digest'

I am really interested in when the _ Gardner is going to get
his act together and publish THE cubing article-- each month
for the last n I have eagerly taken the cover of SciAm and
been disappointed. This is clearly THE mathematical game
(since the inception of SciAm, with the possible exception of
Conway's LIFE), and I wonder what he's waiting for. About a
week ago, I actually dreamt that I opened the SciAm wrapper
and found the Cube on the cover, introducing a WHOLE ISSUE
about it (Social implications, Ancient Cubing, Cubing in the
Soviet Union, etc...)

Well, there finally was a Metamagical Themas column on the cube in
March '81. Unfortunately, that article was mostly old hat to the
readers of Cube-Lovers. The July '82 issue, just out, is a
different story. Hofstadter discusses about twenty different
``Cube'' puzzles, based on all the regular polyhedra (and the
tesseract), several arrangements of twist axes and several coloring
schemes. It even mentions cubing in the Soviet Union! Stan Isaacs
<ISAACS at SRI-KL> is the Cube-Lovers representative for the new

At last I can believe that Hofstadter's column will replace

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