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[next] [prev] [up] From: Dan Hoey <hoey@aic.nrl.navy.mil >
[next] [prev] [up] Subject: Re: more on the slice group

Jerry Bryan writes:

I don't yet understand why Mike's position is a local maximum in the
full cube group. But assuming it is, it is not only the shortest
local maximum, it is the first local maximum which is not
Q-transitive (i.e, we have |{m'Xm}|=24, hence we have |Symm(X)|=2,
and the size of the symmetry groups for Q-transitive positions
must be divisible by 12.).

No, the 4-spot pattern is also a local maximum at 12 qtw, although its
symmetry group is of order 16. Jim Saxe and I reported this on 22
March 1981, in "No short relations and a new local maximum".


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