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[next] ~~~ [up] From: Dave Eaton <devo@vnet.ibm.com >
[next] ~~~ [up] Subject: Is there a symbolic cube program?

Is there a program that allows you to type in Singmaster-style
moves and then prints out the resultant state, something like
this (not actual results):

INPUT:   (R U2 R3 U2)2
OUTPUT:  (fur,drb,rdf) (fr,dr)

This is what I tried to write long ago, but I never had all
the tricks needed to get the program to work.

If no program like this exists, is there something similar?
I guess I would be looking for nicely-portable C or a DOS
binary. Thanks to you all for sharing cube information.

......Dave Eaton, N2NOQ, Owego NY, devo@vnet.ibm.com

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