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Hi I was wondering if you can add me to your mailing list.

I put some motif puzzles at ftp.x.org in /contrib/motif_puzzles. They are:
rubik: a (nxnxn) rubik's cube
pyramid: a (nxnxn) pyraminx with period 2 and period 3 cuts
oct: an (nxnxn) octahedron with period 3 and period 4 cuts
skewb: a diagonal cut rubik's cube
cubes, triangles, & hexagons: sliding block puzzles

There are no self-solvers provided with these.
Also you may want to check out the tetris games which only use X.
altetris: polyomino version of tetris
alweltris: polyomino version of welltris
altertris: polyiamond version of tetris (they bounce of the walls)
alhextris: polyhexes version of tetris (again, they bounce off the walls)
These are found in ftp.x.org in /contrib

I recently heard that 10x10 tangle has no solution. I was trying to solve
that one too. What a waste! (90 days of compute time, wow thats one
efficient program, fast machine , or both!)

Oh, unfortuately the motif puzzles need motif to compile. Is there a good
public domain substitute for Motif?
Have fun

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