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I have a question, I hope this makes sence. ;) On a "nxnxn"
tetrahedron with period 2 or period 3 turning or a "nxnxn" octahedron with
period 3 or period 4 turning, can the orientation of any of the center
triangles change when the puzzle is solved? If so, where does this
start to happen. I know from "experience" that this is not true on
a pyraminx.

A Pyraminx, according to me, has period 3 turning where n = 3. n is the
number of triangles along an edge not counting corners of triangles.
Center triangles are those triangles that are not on an edge (except for
maybe the corners of the triangle).

A face of a 2x2x2 has one center triangle
   /\C /\
                                                            INSERT MODE
A face of a 3x3x3 has 3 center triangles
   /\C /\
 /\C /\C /\

A face of a 4x4x4 has 7 center triangles

I would like to know this because it will help me in the design of my
puzzles which I am in the process now of converting to Motif (you will
still be able to run them if you just have X). I hear that a freely
distributable Lesstif Widget set will be out soon.
(I am also considering a Windows version and am getting ready to convert them).
Estimated completion time for the motif programs: 2 weeks.

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