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CFF #35 came out, the editors expected it in December and it came
out in December! Good for them.

Summary of contents.

Vic Stok: Paving stones.
A new twist to polyominos. Squares are linked in a brick-wall

Lee Sallows: Alphamagic squares.
About the construction of magic squares where, if you replace each
entry with the value of the word length, the result is magic again.
The most surprising for me was one square that was alphamagic in
both Welsh and Norwegian.

Torsten Sillke and Bernhard Wiezorke: Stacking Identical Polyspheres.
Part 1: Tetrahedra.
Discusses many possible and impossible tetrahedra that can be
packed by polyspheres.

Jan de Ruiter: Braiding.
An article about a contest problem issued on the Dutch 1992 Cube Day.
It involves (amongst others) the number of ways a braid can be made
from a varying number of bundles of hair.

Joop van der Vaart: IPP 1994 Impressions.
Impressions from the 1994 International Puzzle Party in Seattle.

Leo Links: Cube Day Impressions.
Impressions of the 1994 Dutch Cube Day in Stavoren.

Result of contest 24 (CFF 33, Cross Pattern Piling).

Anneke Treep: Anti-slide... a winner!
A short note about the Hikimi Wooden Puzzle Competition. Wil Strijbos
from the Netherlands came second with his puzzle. Start with 15 1x2x2
square pieces and a 4x4x4 box. Pack the pieces in the box so that no
piece can slide. Do the same with 14, 13, 12, 11 (actually the article
has a typo here).


Mark Peters: Books and Magazines (reviews)
Edward Hordern: What's Up? (details some new puzzles and other news)
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