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[next] [prev] [up] Subject: Re: Random Notes on Cubism

I have taken my cube apart several times (several friends wanted to see its
innards), with knife, screwdriver, letter opener, etc. It doesn't seem to hurt it. I
assume you are referring to the "twist the top 45 degrees, then pry up on an
edge" instructions, which I used. The springiness in the way the 6 centers are
held together seems to allow this prying without damage.

I think the compilation of transforms and bibliography is a great idea, and I will
back your candidacy for the job. Several references of both types are buried in
the previous messages to cube-lovers. I would favor using Singmaster's
extensions of the RLUDFB to describe the results of a transform. Combinations of
two of the set RLUDFB specify edges, and three give the corners. Then
statements like "this transform moves URF to DBL" (or briefly "URF => DBL")
imply not only the position within the cube, but the rotation of the cubie also.
That is, the U face of URF corner moves to the D face of position DBL.

/Don Lynn

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