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Attn: DMM@mit-ml:
No, unless my message got garbled somewhere in the midwest, it was
correct about c8 and c9, the three corner-cubie movers. I.e., c8
( <3(FrfR)3(RUru)> ) cycles them cw, and c9 ( <3(FrfR)3(fuFU)> ) ccw.
(Much shorter ways to do similar things exist, e.g. <fdFUfDFu> to
move around three front corners (left two and fur) cw).
In these descreptions, the `cw' and `ccw' do not refer
to individual cubies but rather to the triangle of three cubies involved,
that's why I call it "cycle" == move cubies around, rather than
"twist" == re-orient a corner cubie in place, or "flip" == do the
same for an edge (side) cubie.
You're right about EB.
Attn: Dan Hoey at CMU-10A
Regarding C7: When I first made this list up, I used m,n and o to
represent i,j and k because it was unclear which of i,j and k was
which. m is the same as i, and M == I. My cube-turning moves are:
I,J,K=front-top-right clockwise
<I> move cube's front to top <I'> or <i> top to front
<J> move top to right side <J'> or <j> right side to top
<K> move right side to front <K'> or <k> front to right side
thank you...
... dalgorf

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