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[next] [prev] [up] From: Ed Schwalenberg <ED@MIT-AI >
~~~ [prev] [up] Subject: bigger&better cubes

Obviously the age of mechanical polyhedra is long past. I propose
that the center cubies (polyhedries?) of the electronic marvels
be equipped with fixed arrows so that those who are hacking the
higher-order problem can be happy. (I really like this idea because
it closely resembles one of my favorite ideas: a keyboard which has
small character displays in each keytop in lieu of engraving; when you
hit SHIFT the legends change from qwertyiop to QWERTYUIOP and when you
hit CONTROL+META they change to ETAIONSHRDLU, etc.)

The all-electronic cube has many other potential features: instant
resettability, a stack of saved states, subroutines.... Given
extensible, customizible, self-documenting editors, I don't see why
we should settle for polyhedra that are any less featureful.

Speaking of higher-order polyhedra, I hereby nominate the tetrahedron
as being appropriate to my own level of expertise.

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