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Back in the 'good old days' when cubing was very popular, I had a cube that was
very prone to hanging up when you turned it in certain directions. I solved the
problem by disassembling the cube and working on the cublets individually to
remove any excess plastic and to smooth any rough spots by scraping with a razor
blade and/or sanding with model car sandpaper. I raced many people with that
cube and still have it after all these years. I found that the time I spent
working on the bad cublets has lead to that cube wearing much more evenly than
the ones I have that I never got around to working on. I also find that it gets
more consistant in its movements as time goes by. As it was one of the first
cubes on the market (before the BIG craze, actually) it is rather heavy but not
as precisely made as the later cubes.

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