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[next] [prev] [up] From: Guy Steele <Guy.Steele@CMU-10A >
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Congratulations to cubemeisters, LISP Machinists, and Symbolicists
alike for making *Scientific American*.

Now that the LISP Machine has been used to serve the cause of
cubing, has any thought been given to the converse? For example,
perhaps a mouse/joystick-like device could be built based on
cube technology?

Also, anyone thought about the limiting case of odd-shaped
polyhedra: the continuous cube (or, Rubik's sphere)? There are
three possible places to introduce continuity. For a given
twist, one must choose an axis, choose a depth of slice,
and choose an angle of twist. For the cube all three are
quantized. What are the geometric/topological properties
of an object where some subset of these three choices are
given a continuous domain? (I haven't the mathematics undert
my belt to attack this problem -- sorry.)

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