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To: Don.Woods@eng.sun.com, cube-lovers@ai.mit.edu
Subject: RE tangle cube

Well, a pleasant surprise! It _is_ possible to take a set of 24 distinct
tiles from any Rubik's Tangle, and use them to tile the surface of a 2x2x2
cube such that all touching ropes match. And the solution is unique!

I'll include the solution below, after some blank lines to avoid spoiling it
for anyone who wants to try solving the puzzle without seeing the answer...

You may have noticed it yourself, but the solution you promised was missing
from your message. But I take your word for it that you found it, because
(sorry to spoil your scoop) a solution for the tangle-cube as you described
was published before in CFF (Cubism For Fun) the periodical of the NKC
(Nederlandse Kubus Club = Dutch Cubist Club). Contrary to what the name
suggests members are not solely interested in cubes.
Membership to that club is open to anyone interested in puzzles like these
and highly recommended! The periodical CFF is published in English, and
appears three or four times a year.
Further information can be obtained via gm@phys.uva.nl

-- Jan.

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