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On May 28, 10:11, Michael C. Masonjones wrote:
> Subject: Square 1 Combinations
> On another note, when I signed up, I mentioned to Alan that I must be
> crazy enough to join this group since I have a five foot mockup of a
> rubik's type puzzle as my coffee table. He thought its description
> might be of general interest. Skip the rest of this paragraph if you
> couldn't care less about its origins. I built it for Caltech's ditch day
> Maybe you have heard of it. That's where all the seniors leave for the
> day with their room locked only with a puzzle of some sort, and the
> object is for the undergraduates to get into the room by solving it
> (with a couple of clues, of course). Anyway, being as it was that I
> had a mechanical engineer roommate... The rest is history, and I now
> have a five foot diameter puzzle coffee table.

Speaking of oversized Rubik puzzles...

A good friend of mine built an oversized, fully functional Rubik's Magic about
3 years ago. She painted all of the artwork that went inbetween the plastic
squares, cut out all the grooves, and used a heavy duty grade of fishing wire
to connect all the pieces. We kind of thrashed my Rubik's Magic to see how
many wires were used in the Magic and all the paths they took.

I _think_ each square was 1'X1', so that would have made the puzzle 2'X4'.
It's fun to play with, but only if you have the stamina; it's heavy! :)


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