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On 12/06/93 at 10:19:00 hoey@aic.nrl.navy.mil said:
>These results look very interesting, though I haven't had time to
>examine them closely, nor even (in a few cases) quite understand them.
>I especially like to see the categorization by symmetry class.

I was somewhat startled to see the unique antipode of the 3x3x3 edges
in the quarter-turn metric. Do you know what pattern that is?

I was extremely surprised as well. With all my previous work, there
was no unique antipode. I don't know what it is yet, but I can find
out without a whole lot of trouble. It is somewhere on the 31-st
tape, so I just need to spin that tape, looking for a record at level
15, and print it out. I will try to get to that sometime in the
next few days.

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