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On 11/05/94 at 22:16:00 mark.longridge@canrem.com said:

>p183 6 Twist      R1 U3 R2 U3 R1 D3 U3 R1 U3 R3 D2 R3 U3 R1 D3 U3
>                  (18 q  or  16 h  moves)

This is not a shift invariance question, but rather two
questions about your searches. One question is, do you perform separate
searches for q-turns and h-turns, or only for h-turns? The reason I
ask is the obvious fact that optimal processes in q-turns need not
contain h-turns. The second question is, how on earth do you keep track
of all those processes in your searches? I have been asked how I search
so many positions. I have answered the question before, but I guess
another part of the answer that I haven't mentioned is that I don't
keep up with processes at all, only positions. If I am asked to provide
processes, I can do so, but it is a very painful task. I have thought
about keeping up with processes, but I am quite sure that if I did
so it would reduce the number of positions I could search.

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