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On 10/27/94 at 17:00:30 Jerry Bryan said:
>On 10/27/94 at 16:20:08 Ybanez Sheldon said:

The same sort of notation is used to describe cubies -- the up-right
cubie is ur. Singmaster distinguishes between cubies and cubicles
via italic and Roman text, but that is a bit hard to do via E-mail.

Ooops. I just pulled out my Frey and Singmaster. Cubies and cubicles
are both italics, and the distinction is one of upper case italics
vs. lower case italics (still hard to do on E-mail). Face twists are
Roman (block) letters. Whole cube rotations are script letters.
Also, in proper typography, a complement (as in R') would normally
be a superscript "-1" rather than an apostrophe.

(By the way, even with a word processor or text processor, I have trouble
with script letters. I can't get Word Perfect to do script letters, nor
Waterloo Script. I used to use TeX, and I don't think it could do script
letters. I haven't tried desk top publishing of the Pagemaker ilk.
Does anybody have any suggestions? If so, I suspect this is the sort of
thing where private E-mail might be more appropriate than broadcasting
to the entire list. Thank in advance.)

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